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Blue Ridge Mountains Bigfoot

Some stories concerning Bigfoot are circulating out of the Blue Ridge Mountains in North Carolina. WLOS News 13 out of N.C. is running a new story called "The Legend of Sasquatch: Hunting bigfoot right here in the Blue Ridge Mountains." It reads:

BLUE RIDGE MOUNTAINS, N.C. (WLOS) - The Blue Ridge Mountains are beautiful, wild, and vast. Some people in Western North Carolina are asking…are the mountains keeping a secret? Jim Charneski is a BFRO Investigator, which stands for 'Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization.' A couple times a year, he teaches a class on Bigfoot at Mayland Community College in Spruce Pine, but his main job is as an 'investigator.'   He says every year people call the organization, which is national, saying they've seen Sasquatch. 'If you get in touch in BFRO, they will forward you information to me, or one of the investigators,' Charneski explained. It's at that point Charneski is sent out to conduct interviews and then g…
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Sharp-Toothed "Sea Monster" Washes Up in Mexico

Another mystery "sea monster" has washed up, this time in Mexico. The Sun reported on the discovery of the strange-looking remains which were called "very creepy:"
A MYSTERY sea monster has left the internet stunned after washing up on the shore. A woman was shocked after what she thought was a piece of old rope turned out to be the terrifying beast.  It is pictured with a wide jaw and a range of jagged teeth. The beast washed up in the western state of Sinaloa by local Beatriz Morales Acuna, who uploaded images to social media. People who saw the images online have since been scratching their heads as it was widely shared. Some believe it to be an eel or sea snake, while others even guessed it was from outer space. Acuna said on social media: 'When I came out of the sea, there it was.  'Nobody was bothered by it because they thought it was just old rope from a sailing boat. 'It was only after I took pictures that people became intrigued.' The creat…

Extinct or Alive - Coming in June

A new series is premiering on Animal Planet next month and it might actually be kind of interesting. A popular aspect of cryptozoology is the possibility that some extinct species may still be hiding out in remote regions of the world. The new show, called Extinct or Alive, will be about the search for these animals.

From Broadway World:

What if extinct animals weren't really extinct? The methods used to declare a species extinct are not as fool proof as people might assume. From eyewitness accounts to last known photographs, there is evidence that suggests some of these creatures are still very much alive in the wild. The search is on for wildlife adventurer and biologist Forrest Galante, as he explores the real stories behind animals thought to be gone forever and tries to prove their existence so he can protect them and help them thrive again. EXTINCT OR ALIVE premieres on Animal Planet on Saturday, June 10 at 9PM ET/PT but you can catch a sneak peek episode during Monster Wee…

Book Review: It Came from Ohio by James Renner

While I was at the Ohio Bigfoot Conference earlier this month, I picked up a copy of James Renner's book It Came from Ohio: True Tales of the Weird, Wild, and Unexplained. The author takes a look at quite a few strange creatures/occurrences from throughout the state and it was an enjoyable read.

This book isn't really an "examination" of any of the reports and/or stories - Renner actually doesn't really do any examinations at all. He just presents the stories as they are, and in a way this was quite enjoyable. This book was not supposed to be about proving or disproving whether a man-beast lives in such-and-such park. It's a collection of stories of sightings and urban legends.

Renner doesn't focus on just one sort of odd phenomena, either. Mysteries featured in the book include Bigfoot, the Lake Erie monster, UFOs, ghosts, the Loveland frog and mothman, melon heads, possible extraterrestrial contact, werewolves, and more.

One thing I liked about this bo…

Girl and Her Grandma Spot Loch Ness Monster?

An eight-year-old girl thinks she filmed the Loch Ness Monster while visiting the lake with her grandmother. A new story on Metro says (somewhat tongue-in-cheek):
Is this finally proof that something lurks in the depths of Loch Ness? Well, possibly. According to Laria Annand, 8, and her grandma, there's no other explanation.  The schoolgirl filmed footage that appears to show something long and thin splashing around the loch, while visiting with her grandmother Marie. They said they noticed strange movement in the water and the light bouncing off a long unidentified object despite there being no boats or people around.  It COULD just be sunlight glancing off the surface of the water, but use your imagination here.   Marie, 62, a teacher from Inverness, said: 'We sat on the rocks for a few minutes. 'We were just taking silly pictures of each other and splashing our feet in the water. 'I just looked up and that's when I spotted the flickering in the water. 'It lo…

New Zealand Scientist to Lead Hunt for Loch Ness Monster

A team of scientists will travel to the world's most famous "monster" lake next month to try to prove once and for all whether or not the Nessies exist.

TVNZ is reporting:

The decades-old hunt for the legendary Loch Ness monster may soon be put to rest with some modern technology. A global team of scientists - led by Professor Neil Gemmell of the University of Otago in New Zealand - will take to the Scottish lake next month with DNA-detecting tools they hope will answer questions about the existence of Nessie. Using environmental DNA sampling - or eDNA - the researchers will identify cells left in the water by creatures swimming through it to paint a picture of all the life in it.  Whenever a creature moves through its environment, it leaves behind tiny fragments of DNA from skin, scales, feathers, fur, faeces and urine,' Prof Gemmell said. 'This DNA can be captured.' They'll then compare the results to other nearby lochs and a database of about 100,000 or…

Cedarhurst Mansion and the Ghost of Sally Carter

Cedarhurst mansion, located off Drake Avenue in Huntsville, Alabama, was built by Stephen Ewing in 1823. The mansion is home to the ghost of Sally Carter, who caught a fatal illness while visiting her sister Mary Ewing and died there on November 28, 1837.

The first story of Sally's ghost comes from 1919. One night, a 17-year-old boy from Dothan, Alabama slept in the mansion outside of Sally's bedroom. The night was stormy, and he had a dream in which Sally came to him and asked him to prop up her tombstone. When the boy woke up the next morning, he told his family about the dream and that he was going to check Sally's grave. His family laughed at him, but when he went to check the gravestone, it had indeed fallen down. The story ends with the boy returning home to Dothan, never to return to Huntsville.

Sally has also been seen walking the grounds of the estate where she died. Visitors to the house and workers have reported doors opening and closing by themselves, covers b…