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Friday, July 7, 2017

"BIgfoot Expedition" in Round Rock July 15

They totally didn't copy the Expedition: Bigfoot museum name!

The Statesman has a new article up on the whole Round Rock Bigfoot thing, announcing a Bigfoot "expedition" on the 15th.

"Put on some good trail-walking shoes. Grab a flashlight. We're searching for Bigfoot.
"Round Rock's parks and recreation department is offering several walking tours through Old Settlers Park as part of its Expedition: Find Bigfoot event July 15.
"For $5, guests can take a guided tour through the park's trail system in search of the fabled Hairy Man himself. Leading the pack will be national Bigfoot researchers who can offer the best tips on find the shadowy creature.
"Four walking tours are available starting at 8 p.m., 8:15 p.m., 9:30 p.m., and 9:45 p.m. The city parks department recommends the first two for younger children and the last two for older children and adults. Register for each guided tour here
"And if Bigfoot doesn't make an appearance, the first 400 who attend still get a commemorative Bigfoot event T-shirt courtesy of the Georgetown Shirt Company.
"Also stick around for a Movie in the Park presentation of classic Bigfoot cinema with 'Harry and the Hendersons' at 9:30 p.m.
"Be careful out there. We do have video footage." 

This whole thing is just a ruse to get some people to Round Rock and apparently give the local T-shirt company some business too. In the last post I did on this, this was mentioned and it said that Bigfoot will show up. Which means a dude in a costume will probably run by, because there's no way there's a real Bigfoot there.

And its not an "expedition" if they are just taking a guided tour that will probably last 15 minutes!!

And Tom Biscardi and his "Searching for Bigfoot" is involved in the whole thing, which screams "Hoax!" since he has been involved in hoaxes multiple times, including Rick Dyer's 2008 "Dead Bigfoot" that was nothing of the sort.

This whole thing started when the Round Rock Parks and Rec. Department posted some (fake) footprint photos, and then a video of "Bigfoot," and by that time it was obvious the whole thing is fake. But they'll probably continue using it. In the last article I posted, they mentioned that there may be "Loch Ness" and "chupacaba" stories, too.

No doubt there will be more fake Bigfoot stuff from Round Rock later.

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