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Friday, July 14, 2017

Book Review: 365 Days of UFOs by Nick Redfern

Published in early January of this year was Nick Redfern's 365 Days of UFOs. The book is, as the subtitle says, A Year of Alien Encounters. In this book, Nick presents 365 cases of UFOs, Men and Women in Black, aliens, crop circles, and other things of that nature, an account for each day of the year.
With Nick Redfern,
at Kent Paranormal Weekend, 2017

The book is a long one, at almost 400 pages, but, for me at least, its a pretty quick read. I usually read about one month a night and some days more, so it didn't take me that long to get through it.

While some of the reports in this book are famous ones that you'd read about in most any other UFO books, there are many cases presented that haven't been written anywhere else, or that were found in declassified files from the governments of the United States and Britain. Many reports of UFOs from military installations are mentioned and many are quite interesting.

Redfern also includes reports of crop circles, shadow people, "contactees," and even odd things like the Owlman.

An interesting book, and if you're someone who likes this kind of stuff, check it out!

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