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Thursday, July 13, 2017

New Monster Reports from Lake Iliamna

The Alaska Dispatch News posted an article on June 28th about several sightings of monsters in Lake Iliamna later that month.

The relevant portion of the article follows:

"On June 19, some kids spotted an unrecognized creature the size of a large whale offshore near the town [Kakhonak]. A day or so later, others in Kakhonak also saw the creature. A village resident, Gary Nielson, gave Dillingham radio station KDLG the following account:
"'There was more than one, at least three. The first was the biggest, maybe double the size of a 32-foot gill netter. The animal either blew like a whale, or spit water from his mouth or something. The smaller animals behind him did the same but not as dramatic. They were black or very dark gray. They surfaced like whales for maybe two to three seconds about a mile off-shore. I am at a total loss as to what they could be.'
"There have been many sightings of a lake monster over the decades. This one stands out in that there were at least six adults and a number of children present. Two adults had binoculars. All agree as to what they saw."

This report is interesting because of the fact that the witness said it "blew like a whale." Many people who have seen strange animals in Lake Iliamna say they are gigantic fish, which would not do what the witness described.

Unless it was this fish...

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